CC’s web presence is in need of a makeover — both from a visual design perspective and behind the scenes. President Celeste has appointed a working group, with recommendations from the FEC, to guide the college through the process. The members of the working group include faculty, staff and students:

  • Barry Sarchett, English
  • C.J. Pascoe, sociology
  • Jeremy Nelson, library
  • Judy Reissmann, student
  • Karen To, communications
  • Kris Jones, information management
  • Logan Johnston, student
  • Marc Snyder, biology
  • Weston Taylor, information management

We’re excited to be partnering with White Whale Web Services, a company that specializes in helping colleges and universities with their websites. Browse this blog to learn more about the project.

Remaining Timeline (as of May 2011)

dotCMS implementation: in progress

Launch of institutional site (top 25+): June 30, 2011

CMS training for content managers: mid-July 2011

Department and Office site migrations: summer and Fall semester 2011