RELATIONS is a student-written, student-produced play that aims to create a space where students can honestly and openly discuss our emotional and sexual experiences as CC students. The script is an amalgamation of student submissions, student survey results, and student interviews. The material changes each year based on what we want to share, demand, question, explore or just say. RELATIONS are our love poems, awkward ex-lover encounters, exciting new-lover encounters, thoughts on the hook-up culture, fantasies, criticisms, hopes, desires, fears and violations. This play is a dialogue, one which relies on your willingness to share.

Here you can completely, totally and 100% anonymously share your stories, thoughts, secrets, wishes and difficult moments that have shaped your experiences at CC.

No experience is too trivial, no feeling too inconsequential and no desire too deviant. We want to hear from you. Just write: you might surprise yourself

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Contact Information: RelationsThePlay@gmail.com