Curriculum:  This nine- session module,  Catastrophe and Apocalypse in Pompeii , is designed for use in individually-taught 200-level courses at St. Olaf College, such as Imagining Urban Ecologies, a January interim course by Professor Mary Trull; for Classical Political Thought by Professor Doug Casson, and Apocalypse and Disaster in the Ancient and Medieval Worlds by Professor Nancy Thompson.  The resource is of course well-suited for courses taught abroad in Italy, as well.  The pdf documents available here provide examples of course syllabi, assignments, and  activities developed for the module.

1. Syllabus ENGL 260-Urban Ecologies Interim 2014

2. Assignment- Understanding Poetry through Place and Material Culture

3. Assignment- Point Paper

4. Powerpoint Resource – coming soon.

5. Debate Paper Rubric

6. Debate Rubric

7. Suffering Debate


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