Sharing War

Sharing War means sharing experiences of war, the burdens of war, and responsibility for war’s toll. The proposition for this community project comes in three, simple parts: One, accept an invitation to “share war”; two, step into a community setting to listen in, participating as one chooses; three, come to a potluck dinner to share reflections on witnessing experiences. First Potluck: Nov. 16, 6 pm, All Souls UU Church — bring a dish!
Sharing war is a collaboration between community partners including All Souls UU Church, Community-Military Dialogs, Colorado College Community Collaborative, UCCS and UC Denver. This site provides a list of upcoming events which are open for you to sit in on, participating if appropriate. Read more here Sharing War. All are welcome: please join an accept/witness/reflect “cycle” in the coming months — we need you! Post event info or comments in Upcoming Events comments section and we will post asap.

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