People Involved

Partners from All Souls: 6th Principle Covenant Group (lead by Debbie Warner), Nori Rost, Angela Sullivan, Sarah Hautzinger.
Partners from University of Colorado: At UC Denver, Jean Scandlyn, Patrick Browne, Interim Director of Veteran Student Services. At UC Colorado Springs: Dr. Jessica Giles Copeland (teaches Psychology of War), Phillip Morris, Program Director for Veteran Student Affairs.
Partners from Colorado College: Collaborative for Community Engagement, the Deployment Stress project, Sarah Hautzinger.

Related Project: Jean Scandlyn of UC Denver and Sarah Hautzinger of CO College recently finished a five-year field project that culminated in their new book, Beyond Post-Traumatic Stress: Homefront Struggles with the Wars on Terror. This book explores the struggles of the soldiers at Fort Carson, and the impact the Wars on Terror have had on them, their families, and their communities in the adjacent city of Colorado Springs.

Beyond PTSD Cover

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