Wednesday, June 7

Month: April 2013

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SONG OF THE DAY: Empire Of The Sun-“Alive”

Get excited for June when the new Empire Of The Sun album, Ice on the Dune, finally drops. I haven't been able to sit still since I saw a trailer for the album a few months ago, and now there is a music video! Check out the video for the killer electro-duo's new single, "Alive." Like with Daft Punk's "Get Lucky," you'll find yourself singing the chorus in your head the rest of 8th block. loving every minute cause you make me feel so alive
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[SONG OF THE DAY] Rocko feat. Future & Wiz Khalifa – U.O.E.N.O. (Remix)

This new track by long time Atlanta star Rocko brings a unique twist to southern rap's recent maximalist streak by toning the frequency down and creating a woozy, ambient groove. Future's practically whispers his auto-tune drenched hook for a perfectly faded effect. The original version of this track drew a lot of controversy over a lyric from Ross that had women's groups across america protesting, eventually losing him a multi-million dollar Reebok deal. In his absence, this remix showcases a particularly good verse from wiz, clearly forcing himself to experiment with new flows, but is actually one of 6, each with a different feature, to be released every week. Over indulgent? Sure. But the all-star roster has already included A$AP, 2 chainz, French Montana and, rumor has it, Kenrick &...
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SONG OF THE DAY: Daft Punk-“Get Lucky” ft. Pharrell Williams

NEW DAFT PUNK! In another month the new Daft Punk album, Random Access Memories, will finally arrive and everyone's summer will be filled with fresh french tunes to boogie down. To help stave off your salivating lips, the first song has been leaked (now released by the band) and features Nile Rodgers of the 70's disco band Chic and the great Pharrell Williams (the Neptunes and N.E.R.D.). Enjoy, and save the date May 21st when Random Access Memories hits the shelves.
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SONG OF THE DAY: Charles Bradley-“Strictly Reserved For You”

Though he may be getting on in years, Charles Bradley aka "The Screaming Eagle of Soul" has still got it. His debut album dropped two years ago, but it already feels like Bradley is a veteran when you hear the way he can evoke emotion through his powerful voice. His second album, Victim of Love, dropped a week ago and is worth multiple listens. The single, "Strictly Reserved for You," gives a fantastic first taste for those new to Bradley and surely will remind previous listeners why they love soul so much.
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SONG OF THE DAY: Cloud Skatin’ (feat. Danny Brown) – Main Attrakionz

Cloud Skatin (feat. Danny Brown) Main Attrakionz are a duo who've been the forerunners in the emerging ambient rap scene, mostly stemming from the bay area, but being accelerated by artists like Clams Casino and A$AP Rocky. Taking strong influence from artists like Lil' B, Main Attrakionz embrace a consciously lo-fi aesthetic and achieve a hazy, atmospheric blur that is both highly original and sublime in its effectiveness. In a genre so defined by poignant details and clear assertion, the two rapper/producers (Squadda B & Mondre Man) often reverb their vocals to indistinguishable extremes, allowing them to blend into the beat and embellish a textured wall of sound. Lo-Fi aesthetics are nothing new; in fact they've been the clear entry point for the definitive indie-rap artists of our...