Music Song of the Week(end)

SONG OF THE DAY: Camp Lo – “Luchini”; review by Ben Feldman

A lot of my musically oriented friends spend way too much time patrolling internet blogs for obscure music. If you want to find good stuff that isn’t very well known, don’t look to the interwebs. You only need to look to the past to find music that sounds dope. There are tons of hip-hop hits which were played on the radio 15 years ago, but have since slipped back into “the underground”. Check out this slapper by Camp Lo.
Perhaps forever doomed to be known as a one-hit-wonder group, Camp Lo has made a lot of other music worth listening to. Even though I usually have no idea what they’re talking about, the flow is sick!

-Ben Feldman


ALBUM OF THE DAY: Mansions on the moon – “Full Moon EP”; review by Eboni Statham

Full Moon EP by Mansions On The Moon

One of my favorite Indie/Electropop artists, Mansions on the moon, released their Full Moon EP not too long ago. I can truthfully say, these songs will be on repeat the next few days. Although very short (nineteen minutes in total), this EP definitely gives a good taste to the true potential of this group. Oh and not to mention, their EP is free!

-Eboni Statham

Music Song of the Week(end)

SONG OF THE DAY: Woodkid – “I Love You”; review by Henry Holm

Yoann Lemoine, the french singer-songwriter and music video producer better known as Woodkid, burst onto the scene two years ago with his “Iron” EP and accompanying music video.

The video opened sailing through the cloud, bursts of ominous strings pulling you through. A few stills of a lone boy, a wolf, and then quickly the drums. With his trance like voice Yoann lets us immediately know: This is music of the elements. Primal.

The track spread like wildfire and was even featured in multiple trailers and TV shows that year. However, the rest of the EP struggled to provided the same power and felt scattered.

Woodkid returned this year delivering a much more focused full length LP. Combining the force showed on “Iron” with the introspective feeling of other tracks on the EP, he has created an exciting and profound album.

Listen her to “I Love You” off the LP with a music video also directed by Yoann.

-Henry Holm

Music Song of the Week(end)

SONG OF THE DAY: 100s-“The Manuscript”; review by Ben Feldman

It’s been about a year since 100’s released his first mix tape “Ice Cold Perm” (produced by Joe Wax). Ever since the tape dropped, the dude has been blowing up. From tours with Kreayshawn and Snoop Dogg, to collaborations with bay area legends Andre Nickatina and Mac Mall, to having one of his songs put in the GTA5 soundtrack, homeboy has seen some success. He’s also now signed to Fools Gold Records (the same label that claims Kid Cudi, Lil B, The Cool Kids, and Danny Brown). Seeing a contemporary from my hometown getting put on by the music industry just makes me proud.

Well anyways, here’s a single he just put out on October 2nd. The track was released on Marino Gang’s “The Big Payback” mixtape, mixed by DJ Nick.

If you like that baby powder synthesizer sound (or could maybe see yourself liking it given the right climate and company) you should definitely get your hands on 100’s mixtape “Ice Cold Perm”. It’s fire.

-Ben Feldman

Song of the Week(end)

SONG OF THE DAY: BANKS-“Change”; review by Eboni Statham

Recently I’ve been on a female vocalist kick and BANKS is one of those artists who consistently continues to impress me. Although, not widely known to a large group of people, she is gaining more fans through her singles such as “This is What it Feels Like,” “Waiting Game,” and “Before I Ever Met You.” Her elegance works perfectly with her harmonious vocals, catchy rhythms, and electronic-pop instrumentals. She remains as being one of the best kept secrets and even goes as far as including her cell phone number on her facebook page so that fans can call or text her.

—Eboni Statham