SONG OF THE DAY: Coyote Kisses – “Illusion”

I have a Spotify playlist containing over 1,200 songs by artists I’ve been meaning to give a try, and I have no idea how a chillstep artist called Coyote Kisses ended up among my mishmash of bluegrass and indie/alternative bands. Even so, I happened to shuffle to this song and instantly began obsessing over it for a week. The airy ambient instrumentation, gradual buildup, and chills-down-your-spine bass drop allow it to exhilaratingly stand out from whatever EDM you typically listen to–which for me is usually very little, so kudos to these producers.


As usual, the most attractive and intelligent DJs at Colorado College put together an eclectic mix of music in this week’s DJ playlist. Tracks from C2C, Khruangbin, and Nebraska are some of the highlights. Follow the SOCC on Soundcloud and discover new music each every week.

Tracks that weren’t available on Soundcloud:
Bud Powell – “A Night in Tunisia”
mewithoutYou – “Mexican Streets”
Nebraska – “The Stoop”
Punch Brothers – “Me and Us”
Bill Evans – “Nardis”
Stevie Wonder – “Positivity”


Queso will be debuting his album “Limbo” on November 6th. “Queso” is a single from the album and if it is any indication of how the album will sound, we’re all in for a treat. “Queso” grooves along and is a catchy tune. The lyrics aren’t going to change your life, but they’ll make you move. “I got that mula mula queso-eso – camoflauge money they can’t see my bagel.” Enjoy!