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Concert Review: Gus Dapperton w/ Spencer.

DENVER - Bedroom-pop sensation Gus Dapperton made a stop at the Gothic Theater earlier this month, accompanied by Spencer., and blew us away with soaring, emphatic vocals and dancing so spicy that it should have been a fire hazard. Starting the night off with groovy neo-soul and hip-hop-infused jamming, up-and-coming R&B artist Spencer. had our hips swaying in no time. Spencer. hails from Rochester, New York and - at only 19 - is far beyond his years. His rich, deep voice takes center stage in much of his music, and - paired with lively guitar riffs and nifty basslines - Spencer. cooks up a delicious lo-fi aesthetic that feels intentional without trying too hard. As the band jammed and Spencer. sang from behind pink, retro shields, I couldn’t help but dance along. After a...
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In search of a new hangover fix? Check out DJ Lily Roth's new playlist from this Thursday's feature of LIL MAMA Radio. Her playlist includes a mix of jazzy, smooth, and funky instrumentals that she claims can cure any hangover. Be sure to give this playlist a listen to hear artists like Knxwledge, Khruangbin, and Swell do what they do best. Tune in to LIL MAMA Radio every Thursday night at 10:00 pm !

Mediocre Kids: Review of Black Lips Concert at Globe Hall

20 years after their formation, the Atlanta flower punk band Black Lips are back on tour for their most recent album, Satan’s Graffiti or God’s Art?, released in 2017. On Monday, October 21st, the group performed the second night of their Denver shows in Globe Hall, a self proclaimed “unpretentious saloon” for live music and Texas-style barbecue. Denver based girl pop-punk trio, The Corner Girls, took the stage first. The trio delivered catchy, but ordinary tunes, most comparable to Cherry Glazerr, except much less original. Most noteworthy was The Corner Girls’ last song, in which front woman Breanna Ahlgren encouraged the small audience to chant the lines: “Who’s a better kisser? Me or my sister?” Howled in ironic beach grunge fashion, the lyrics came off especially ghoul-y. Just in t...
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New Playlists from WORM Radio

DJs Mia Zuckerberg and Carol Holan have been busy curating playlists for their show, WORM Radio, every Tuesday at 8:00. Their first playlist focuses on songs for when you have a gay crush, but don't want to ruin the friendship. Listen to hear some great songs by Mothers, Fiona Apple, and Mazzy Star. If you're not feeling that, check out the playlist from their second show about driving alone for the first time. This playlist features an amazing range of artists that include Nina Simone, Perfume Genius, and Franz Ferdinand! Make sure to tune in to WORM Radio every Tuesday from 8-9 for more good tunes!
Concert Preview: Gus Dapperton at The Bluebird Theatre on Oct. 6
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Concert Preview: Gus Dapperton at The Bluebird Theatre on Oct. 6

by Augie Voss "You will leave this earth for a while." This promise can be found on the websites of nearly every theater and music hall to be visited by indie “dream pop” sensation Gus Dapperton on his upcoming Polly People tour.  Born in Warwick, New York in 1997, Brendan Rice began writing music in his teens - and is largely self-taught. After a brief stint at Drexel University reinforced his propensity for individualistic learning, he returned home, where he continued to develop the Gus Dapperton persona. His music is dreamy, ethereal, and raw; Dapperton often eschews the growing popularity of electronic production by sticking mostly to analog instruments. If a song sounds too clean or sterile he’ll filter it through a radio, and the resulting feel is reminiscent of the 80s...