Sunday, October 1

Author: Lucas Lamka

The Nearly Forgotten Poison Dwarfs

The Nearly Forgotten Poison Dwarfs

If you’re into the whole underground cassette culture that bloomed in Europe and America during the 1980’s, you know that a lot of the European electronic/ industrial/ minimalistic/ acts sound very similar. A typical album example often features hand crafted cover and insert art, contact information, and a cassette full of similar sounding pieces with that lo-fi aura to it. Poison Dwarfs fits into this niche nicely; their cassettes were often designed by the members themselves, there was a reasonable amount of information about the band (credits, contacts, date etc.), and a lot of their lo-fi ambient music sounded similar. Understandably, many people simply treat their work as a nostalgic vestige of that corny post-punk 80’s culture. I believe that there is more to this group. Although i...