Tuesday, March 28

Author: Logan

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CONCERT REVIEW: Still Woozy 1/31

Still Woozy started as a solo project by Sven Gamsky, who is based out of Oakland, California. Since then, he’s produced songs with a few other artists and has begun to play with other musicians during his sets. Outside of Larimer Lounge, people stood in line, cold and excited. A woman held a sign, begging everyone for an extra ticket. A man came out of his car, chatted with her for a while, and then headed inside. “I think that was Sven,” a man behind us said. “That was totally Sven.” We all realized he was right. For the rest of the night, Sven and the other artists he was playing with maintained the personal, friendly demeanor that was evident from the moment Sven stopped to talk to people waiting in line. Larimer Lounge is cozy and personable. We were close to the s...
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https://open.spotify.com/user/thesoundsofcc/playlist/7xclToQTOLl3P0d9RIa1nB?si=v2-_LS7WQpyS2B4kOBRthQ Orange leaves invade the grass and stick to the bottoms of shoes. The clouds swallow the sun completely and the air is quieter than it usually is. This playlist is a compilation of songs that are meant to match the hazy, peaceful feeling that fall brings along with it. The playlist "Autumn" can be found on the SOCC's spotify (link above).