Thursday, March 30

Author: Eliza Mott

With Notes of Change
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With Notes of Change

             Interview of TouchIt's Lead Singer Jack Douglas by Eliza Mott photo credit Emilia Whitmer Could you start by introducing yourself? Hello my name is Jack Douglas, I’m a senior and I like Rock’n’Roll.   Where are you from? I was born in Denver and grew up in Atlanta Georgia   So can you tell me a little bit about your band? How you guys came together? So I think we started like most (CC) bands start, it's kind of like the primordial soup of sophomore jamming in Mathias and you kind of figure out who is someone who is actually going to be someone you want to keep playing music with. So we kind of slowly just started jamming with each other and that worked out to be a core group or me and Oliver, Kyle, Ken and then we originally sought out Adam Ting bec...