Song of the Day: AK/DK- “Atomic DNA”

The duo AK/DK came out with this infectious tune about two weeks ago. The duo’s sound combines rock with electronic elements seamlessly. Will any duo, its hard to not draw connections to either the White Stripes or the Black Keyes, but these guys are definitely a step in a new direction.

Check out more of their music here.

Song Of The Day: PYRMDPLAZA- “Pong”

PYRMDPLAZA just came out with a new track! With some trappy vibes, and a hip-hop feel, this song will have your head bobbin’ for sure.

PYRMDPLAZA is a part of an artist collective/label called Soulection. Check them out here.

EP OF THE DAY: Tom Misch & Carmody – “Out to Sea”

Tom Misch & Carmody’s debut EP “Out to Sea,” released on December 8th, strikes a beautiful combination of R&B and electro-dream pop. The EP features five duets from the London-based duo. Misch, at 19, is an up-and-coming songwriter who makes tracks from his bedroom studio and just created a new label called Beyond the Groove (check it out here).

Their lyrics speak of love and loss and have their illustrative strengths and downfalls, but I think the most striking aspect of the EP is how Misch and Carmody’s voices gently interweave to create a real groove. On “So Close,” the EP’s strongest song, syncopated handclaps, quick guitar riffs, and other beats create a lively backdrop for the close harmonies between the two. Misch’s voice also carries a few traces of James Blake. He’s definitely one to watch. Check out the EP for yourself.

SONG OF THE DAY: Lily & Madeleine – “Devil We Know”

Lily & Madeleine are two Ohioan sisters who write simple, quiet songs that express a depth of emotion for their understated image. Their voices match with an eery quality when they sing in unison (you can tell they’re related), and their close harmonies will make you want to listen over and over again.

Their song “Devil We Know” sings about April and incoming spring. The piano riff gently cascades throughout, but it’s the harmonies between the two that truly shine. Enjoy.

In Between the Lines

“Artists use lies to tell the truth. Yes, I created a lie. But because you believed it, you found something true about yourself”—Alan Moore

Nestled away into the far corners of our consciousness, storytelling manifests itself in our everyday lives. Storytelling may surface in the form of histories and memories, ethics, and a way to inspire or destroy people. The stories we turn over in our minds and pass to one another plays an integral role in shaping our human identity. This Sunday between 1 pm and 2 pm on The Campfire, we will examine four segments about people reproducing stories in their own lives for better and for worse. The audio essay transcript will be posted on Sundays at 2 pm.

Happy Trails,

Sam (Host/Writer)

EP OF THE DAY: Alpenglow – “Solitude”

Alpenglow /alp?n?gl?/ – “the rosy light of the setting or rising sun seen on high mountains”

Vermont-based band Alpenglow, formed at Middlebury College a few years back, released their debut EP “Solitude” this past October. Their atmospheric sound paired with the soaring vocals of Graeme Daubert place this band in a ripe spot for future success in today’s indie folk-rock scene.

I had the good fortune of seeing Alpenglow this past summer at a small music festival in Burlington, and I came away with one word: POLISHED. Although this band is in its beginning stages, they have a definitive, artful sound. The songs on this EP will inspire you to go bask in the glorious wilderness of Colorado and perhaps find that rosy glow on the snow-capped mountaintops.

On the title track, the fiddle and three-part harmonies contrast heavily with the amplified sound of the rest of the band, creating a country vs. city dynamic, also present in the lyrics: “If I wanted my solitude, I’d move to the city.”

The band bends these genres and images together with a delicious result.

SONG OF THE DAY: Matthew Dear – “Don and Sherri”

Matthew Dear’s “Don and Sherri” is the second single off of his 2007 album Asa Breed. Though the music is buoyant, danceable and layered with blips, the lyrics suggest a man in distress, lacking the courage to approach someone. The tension grows as he worries the person will never know him if he doesn’t act.

Matthew Dear is beautiful both vocally and physically. Catherine Sinow disagrees, but I think he might just be the most gorgeous man ever.

SONG OF THE DAY: Slugabed -“Goulash”

“Goulash” gives me a vivid and unusual visual experience of an intergalactic expedition in which I encounter good, evil, and the stuff that lies in between and outside. I come across unfamiliar creatures, territories and masses. I have no conception of space and time—the song is infinitely more peculiar than its title suggests.

There is no official video for the song, so I’ve embedded this one made by some fan who seems to interpret “Goulash” more catastrophically. To me it’s a lot less despairing; the song’s got this very raw, intrepid quality, perhaps owed to that UK bass sound.

This track is from the 2009 Ultra Heat Treated EP off Planet Mu records. Since Planet Mu, Slugabed has released five EPs and a full-length album on Ninja Tune. While he’s dabbled in various established genres, Slugabed’s production tends to remain crisp and innovative.