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The Best Verses of 2022
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The Best Verses of 2022

By Oliviero Zanalda 2022 has seen some incredible verses, both guest features and artist's verses that stood out on their own song. I've compiled a list of 10 verses (and a few honorable mentions) that, in my opinion, were the best of the year. This could include lyrics, flow, effectiveness, and whether the verse makes you rewind it to listen to it again. (I've included time stamps for each verse, but I recommend listening to each song as a whole to fully experience the verses). Honorable Mentions "Freestyle 3" - Ken Carson Ken can't miss with his freestyle series. "Almighty Gnar" - Lil Gnar Lil Gnar one-ups Chief Keef on a song that's named after one of Sosa's legendary mixtapes. "Big 3" - Babytron "Wockiana turned my cream soda into HennessyPull up from w...