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5 Gems From Around the Internet
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5 Gems From Around the Internet

Images courtesy of Discogs, Acclaim Magazine, Our Generation Music, Lil Shine Youtube, and adamwieczorek Soundcloud By Oliviero Zanalda If you've ever been on the internet, you've stumbled across a song that is so interesting, so obscure, and so good that you try to show it to your friends and they, well, think it sucks (definitely not derived from personal experience). The internet is full of "bad" music, but music is subjective. In this article, I share 5 songs that I discovered through countless hours of scouring YouTube and SoundCloud. All 5 of these songs are unique, yet share something in common, the use of the internet to gain traction. These could be the best or worst songs you've ever heard. You might love these songs, and you might hate them. Nevertheless, I think there's ...