Welcome to AY2017-2018! Please see below for our cafe hours starting Monday August 28th:

M-F:Breakfast: 8-930a (continental served until 1030); Lunch: 11-130p; Dinner: 5-730p (7 days a week); Sa/Su: Brunch 1030-130p

Colorado Coffee:
M-R: 730a-8p; F: 730a-5p; Sa: 9a-4p; Su: 9a-7p

M-F: 11a-8p

Susie B’s @ Tutt Library:
M-R: 8a-11p; F: 8a-1p Sa: Closed; Su: 6p-11p

The Preserve- Open During construction!!!
M-F: 1130a-7p; Sa: 130-7p; Su:130-9p
Expo hours will be limited and based on availability. Please stop by to see further details!

Local Goods:
M-F: 1130a-12a; Sa/Su: 230p-12a

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