Literacy as a Human Right: General K-12 Educators as Literacy Gatekeepers

Ever wonder how to study your own pedagogy? In this talk I will share an example of using my own pedagogy as a space for action research & contributing to the scholarship in teacher education. I will then open the floor to brainstorming ways in which other CC scholars could do similar work in their disciplines.

In this particular study, I am concerned with the fact that students with disabilities are continuously denied literacy rich experiences with their non-disabled peers in K-12 settings. This talk will frame how narrow, ability-focused teacher dispositions can perpetuate low expectations and can preemptively deny students with disabilities access to meaningful literacy experiences. I will share an ongoing project that focuses on developing preservice and in-service teachers inclusive literacy dispositions through targeted instructional interventions. I will detail one instructional intervention that has been tested across the country and in the CC MAT/9th semester teacher preparation program. Over the course of four years, this intervention has proven to shift narrow, ability-orientated dispositions to broader and more inclusive conceptualizations that support students with disabilities.

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Doors open at 11:45 with lunch on the tables
Talk begins at 12:15
Talk concludes about 1:15

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