On Monday, November 6, the Innovation Institute is hosting Lari Gibbons for an artist talk at 3:30PM. Lari will be discussing her creative practice, which includes making prints, curating exhibitions, and hosting collaborations at PRINT Press in Texas. www.larigibbons.com/about/

All are welcome to attend. The Innovation Institute is located on 232 E. Cache La Poudre St.

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Carrying too much body weight can negatively impact your health. It can also impact your self-image and emotional wellbeing if you have negative feelings related to that extra weight. As part of our wellness program the college is again offering this year the State of Slim program for up to 20 people who need and want to lose at least 10 pounds.

An informational meeting for anyone interested is scheduled December 14. Sign-up for the informational meeting on the Human Resources page, under Benefits & Wellness, then Benefits & Wellness Events.

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Our onsite chair massage program continues during 2017. A massage therapist will be on campus most Wednesdays. Employees may book massages in increments of 15 minutes ($1/minute).

If you want to try a chair massage, follow these easy steps to sign-up:

1. Copy and paste this link into your browser: www.schedulicity.com/scheduling/BITYMF
2. Select the “Schedule Now” button on the right
3. Select the service you want at bottom, for example “15 Minute Massage”
4. Choose your facility location on the right (Colorado College)
5. Select the date on the calendar that you would like to schedule
6. Select the time that you would like to schedule
7. Follow a few simple registration steps to create your profile
8. Click the orange “Book It” button
9. You will receive a confirmation email and reminder about your

The cost is $1/minute (15 minute minimum). The massage therapists will take
payment day of massage and they take cash/check/credit cards.

If you book a massage, it will be in the Worner Building, Room #211.

Please note that this is provided as a convenience for employees and massage time is not paid work time.

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The Annual Maintainer Award & Adam Valdez Award Nominations for
Facilities Services are due by December 1, 2017 at noon. Nominations to be sent to Laurice.Rovella@ColoradoCollege.edu.

Winners will be announced at the annual Holiday Maintainer Awards party at
Facilities Services on December 20, 2017.

For criteria, please go to the Facilities Services webpage listed:


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Saturday and Sunday, November 11th and 12th

Cornerstone Arts Center, Kathryn Mohrman Theatre, and the Fine Arts center.

Strong women, strong films, strong community. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival, the longest running women’s film festival in North America. The celebration showcases approximately 45 incredible films by and about women, with Q&A sessions and other events with festival filmmakers

Tickets for CC students, faculty, and staff are FREE – get vouchers at the Worner Desk and exchange them for day passes in Cornerstone Main Space Saturday/Sunday. Free tickets to Saturday night’s event are limited. All others may buy tickets at rmwfilminstitute.org

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The Reformation Era and the Making of Modernity
Lecture by eminent historian Professor Brad S. Gregory, University of Notre Dame
Kathryn Mohrmann Theatre, Armstrong Hall, 7:00 PM – Thursday, November 9
Five hundred years ago this fall, the Reformation of western Christianity broke out in Germany, in the next decades transforming religion, culture, and society across Europe. Brad S. Gregory of the University of Notre Dame is among the most important of contemporary voices addressing the meaning of the origins of Protestantism and the contemporaneous reform of the Catholic Church for the twenty-first century. His CC lecture will resume the theme of his widely acclaimed 2015 book, The Unintended Reformation: How a Religious Reformation Secularized Society. Gregory, a professor at Notre Dame and a warm, dynamic speaker, will welcome questions from the Colorado Springs and college communities. Gregory’s new book about Martin Luther, Rebel in the Ranks, will be available for purchase outside the talk.
This event is sponsored by the Paul Sheffer Memorial Fund for Roman Catholic Studies
More information about Gregory, his compelling work, and his life outside scholarship is available at ndias.nd.edu/about/contact-us/brad-gregory/

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Literacy as a Human Right: General K-12 Educators as Literacy Gatekeepers

Ever wonder how to study your own pedagogy? In this talk I will share an example of using my own pedagogy as a space for action research & contributing to the scholarship in teacher education. I will then open the floor to brainstorming ways in which other CC scholars could do similar work in their disciplines.

In this particular study, I am concerned with the fact that students with disabilities are continuously denied literacy rich experiences with their non-disabled peers in K-12 settings. This talk will frame how narrow, ability-focused teacher dispositions can perpetuate low expectations and can preemptively deny students with disabilities access to meaningful literacy experiences. I will share an ongoing project that focuses on developing preservice and in-service teachers inclusive literacy dispositions through targeted instructional interventions. I will detail one instructional intervention that has been tested across the country and in the CC MAT/9th semester teacher preparation program. Over the course of four years, this intervention has proven to shift narrow, ability-orientated dispositions to broader and more inclusive conceptualizations that support students with disabilities.

Register by clicking here: tinyurl.com/Faculty-Lunch-3

Doors open at 11:45 with lunch on the tables
Talk begins at 12:15
Talk concludes about 1:15

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