Outdoor Education is excited to announce that we are once again hosting our annual Wilderness Medicine courses during Half Block. Over 85 students are enrolled for the Wilderness First Responder running January 8-17, 2018, and over 25 students are enrolled in the Wilderness First Responder Re-certification course running January 19-21st 2018.

These courses are essential for anyone exploring the great outdoors, and we are thrilled to enable so many students to learn the skills needed to address emergencies in the backcountry.

These courses utilize classroom sessions coupled with mock scenario practice (both indoors and outdoors) to best instill the curriculum. Please note – the mock scenarios are designed to feel as real as possible – requiring students to act as though they are hurt and will display fake blood and injuries. Please do not be alarmed – this is a part of the training.

Course Locations: Classrooms and Adjacent Outside Grassy Spaces
– Slocum Hall
– Loomis Hall
– Palmer Hall

Campus Safety has been informed of our courses.

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