CC benefits-eligible employees and their spouses/domestic partners as well as CC retirees and their spouses/domestic partners – who did NOT participate in the October 2017 biometric screening — are eligible to participate in the March 15 one.

Registration for the screening opens tomorrow, February 20 and is open until March 13 (or until all spaces fill up).

Please note that we have a new vendor this year and we will be using LabCorp so your reports will look different. If you want to see samples, visit the benefits website at (under ‘Wellness State of Mind’ tab, menu to left called ‘Sample Bio Screen Report’).

You do not need to pay for the basic biometric screening (height, weight, waist measurement, calculated BMI, glucose, and cholesterol) a $48.50 value!

We will have six additional tests available at your option and expense, listed below. Unlike in prior years, extra tests will be selected the day of the event and you may pay with cash or credit card (including your debit card if you participate in the college’s Flexible Spending Account).

. Prostate-Specific Ag, Serum (PSA) – $18. (men only)
PSA, or Prostate Specific Antigen, is a protein that is produced by the prostate gland. All men should have a small amount of this protein in their blood serum; however, higher levels of PSA have been linked to prostate cancer, as well as other conditions.

. Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy – $46.
The Vitamin D test is used to measure how much vitamin D you have in your body. Vitamin D deficiency can result in diseases including osteomalacia in adults.

. Thyroid Full Panel With TSH – $29.
Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone (TSH) is produced by another gland in your body, the pituitary gland. However, it directly affects how the thyroid does its job- TSH tells the thyroid to produce and release both Thyroxine (total or free T4) and Triiodothyronine (total or free T3) your body needs to function properly.

. Hemoglobin A1c – $16.
The A1c test is used primarily to gauge diabetes and can be used to diagnose Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

. Complete Blood Count (CBC) – $18.

. Liver, Iron, Kidney Panel – $40.
Liver, Iron, Creantitine w/eGFR, Ferritin, GGT, Uric Acid.

Registration is easy. The website is:

Just create an account (be sure to SAVE your username and password so you can cancel or change your appointment if necessary).

Unlike in prior years, this year’s results will be sent via post only approximately two weeks after the screening. When you create your account, be sure to use the address where you would like to receive your results.

Follow the directions to make your appointment and receive your confirmation via email.

Active, benefits-eligible employees who are on CC’s Cigna plan who participate in the biometric screening AND complete the online health assessment at (once their results are returned) will receive a $25 gift card.

Short along with more detailed registration instructions are on the benefits website: (Wellness State of Mind tab then menu to left).

If you didn’t attend in October and can’t attend March 15 but want to participate see directions on benefits website to obtain a voucher to participate at a LabCorp lab ( – under Wellness State of Mind tab, then ‘Biometric Registration Instructions’ in menu at left).

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