If you would like to participate in the “Today’s Chinese Student: Understanding the U.S. Classroom” webinar that will be held next Thursday, March 1, from 3-5pm on the Barbara Yalich Board Room, then please RSVP by 5:00pm on Wednesday, February 28, at:


WEBINAR DESCRIPTION: Chinese students encounter many common problems in the U.S. classroom, ranging from issues of academic integrity to building relationships with faculty and academic advisers. This webinar provides best practices to help Chinese students address these and other challenges, such as English language difficulties and unfamiliar classroom expectations. Presenters also discuss how to support faculty in adjusting to the changing demographic of the U.S. classroom. Learn from experts who are committed to supporting the academic integration of Chinese students on their campuses.

NOTE: The “Today’s Chinese Student: Understanding the U.S. Classroom” webinar is the third in a three-part “Today’s Chinese Student” webinar series being offered by The Office of International Programs. This series focuses on the integration of Chinese students into campus life, the classroom, and the community. Participate in one, two, or all three webinar sessions to learn about the needs of Chinese students and develop your understanding of their cultural and academic background and preparedness.

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