Join the Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar Paige West on March 1st at 7pm for a talk on Dispossession, Racism, and the Environment in Olin Hall 1. This lecture will examine some of the ways in which inequalities are produced, lived, and reinforced in today’s globalized world. Drawing on over twenty years of research in the Pacific Island country of Papua New Guinea, the lecture shows the ways in which representational strategies with regard to nature and culture are complex acts of dispossession, carefully crafted accumulation strategies, and ideologically grounded attempts to persuade and motivate. It also makes clear the relationship between these representations and ideologies and the loss of economic and material wealth within the context of economic development. In it, West argues that there are racist logics of representation that underlie all uneven development and that if we examine the various representational strategies we see every day, we can begin to develop a more robust understanding of the ideological work that underpins uneven development.

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“Orientalism, Secular Feminism, and the War on Terror”
A Lecture by Nadia Guessous, Feminist and Gender Studies
Colorado College

Muslim women’s veiling practices have been a recurring object of commentary, condemnation and relentless investigation ever since 19th century Western travelers started writing about the Muslim women they encountered and the veils that concealed them from their sight. In the past three decades, veiling has reemerged as an omnipotent and visceral flashpoint, a subject of heated debate and moral panic, an object of state management, legislation and criminalization in various Western contexts. Rarely has a modern sartorial practice been the object of so much unwarranted attention and repeated condemnation. While many scholars have critically analyzed the politics of headscarf controversies in Western contexts, this presentation will focus instead on the transnational effects of this discourse of the veil on secular feminist politics and subjectivity in postcolonial Morocco. Based on years of field research among founding members of the feminist movement in Morocco, this paper highlights the relationship between secular forms of feminist exclusion and the conscripting logics of both colonial modernity and the war on terror.

Gaylord Hall
Doors open at 11:45
Talk begins at 12:15
Talk concludes about 1:15

Click this link to register:

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Colorado College will be hosting AFA-NIET, the largest national competitive speech tournament in the country and we are in need of extra judges for the competition. We are seeking for support this prestigious event and are looking for individuals available to judge either Saturday and/or Sunday of April 7-8th. No experience? That’s not a problem! We will provide training sessions the week prior to the event that will get you caught up to speed.

This national tournament will provide a schedule or ‘dance card’ which indicates when and what event you will be judging. This will allow you to come and go throughout the day with minimal wait time. Meals will be provided on both Saturday and Sunday. If you are interested and are able to commit to both days (a one day or half day commitment is fine, too!) AFA will pay $150, otherwise you will be paid $15/ round.

Please email for a copy of the Hired Judge form that needs to be filled out and returned to Sarah Hinkle at if you are interested in helping out. If you are unable to commit, but know someone who might be willing, please send their contact information to Sarah.

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The Office of the Registrar is pleased to announce a change to the Preregistration process for the Fall 2018 semester. First, the time frame for the entire process has been extended to 5 weeks; March 26 – April 27! Second, students will preregister for only one semester at a time. This preregistration will be for the Fall 2018 semester only and students will have 40 points instead of 80. There will be a second preregistration in the Fall 2018 semester for course selection for Spring 2019! Lastly, students will be able to enter a draft preregistration before seeing their advisors. Once they have a completed draft they will be able to submit their selections but only with the Preregistration Passcode that they get from their advisors!

If you have any questions about the process or policy, contact the Registrar’s Office at X6610.

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Andy Day Lecture: “Painting with Light”
Wednesday, Feb 28. 3:30pm, Cornerstone Screening Room
Andy Day has been a gaffer (chief lighting technician) in the film industry for 20 years. Based in New York, he has served as gaffer on films including Martin Scorsese’s “The Departed,” Wes Anderson’s “The Royal Tenenbaums,” David Frankel’s “The Devil Wears Prada,” Lena Dunham’s “Girls,” and more recently, Michael Gracey’s “The Greatest Showman,” among numerous others. Day will describe the art and science of cinematic lighting with clips from his work and will share his insights from working in both film and television, highlighting the changes he has experienced in the entertainment industry.

Craft Seminar: “Practice with Light”
Thursday, Mar. 1, 12:30pm, Cornerstone Studio C
A buffet lunch will be provided; first come, first served.
In this hands-on craft seminar, gaffer Andy Day demonstrates some of the nuts and bolts of lighting artistry.

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Are you looking for something new and exciting to try this March? Check out the upcoming classes at Bemis School of Art at the Fine Arts Center. Below is a list of the classes that begin in March. Become a Fine Arts Center member for half price to pay the discounted rates!!!

You can register in person at the Bemis front desk located at 818 Pelham across the street from the Adam F. Press Fitness Center, OR online at (

A39 Waves and Weather

A40 Color Theory in Painting

A41 Expressive Florals

A55 Truly American Art: Jazz and Abstract Expressionism

A71 Copperplate Script

A72 Lattice Nuno Felted Scarf

A74 Ruffle Nuno Felted Scarf

A76 Design a Scarf

A80 Felted Accessories

A81 Felted Vessel

A86 Bead Camp: Introduction to Soft Glass

A89 Flameworked Glass: Boro Basics

A97 Earth Expressions Wire-Wrapped Rings

A99 Inclusions in Silver Clay Jewelry

A106 Mosaics & Mortar

P4 Fine Art Photography: Create Your Personal Project

D10 Creative Photo Editing

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Are your hands out of drawing shape and you want a way to practice?

Come to the free figure drawing sessions happening in the Bemis School of Art drawing classroom (FAC Building room 254 – behind Packard Hall and up the ramp).

Sessions are free to CC students/staff, and will run each Tuesday night of the block from 7-9pm. We encourage you to bring personal charcoal or pencils, however, basic supplies, easels, newsprint, drawing boards, and chairs will be provided.

If you have any questions, please contact or

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