Usually, I post to the Student Listserv, but a staff member recently informed me that Staff are interested in knowing what students like to talk about and where they get their news. Here is my all time favorite that is popular in corners around campus.

Check out the Morning Brew. It’s free… and includes all of the business news you need, from Wall Street to Silicon Valley, straight to your inbox every morning. Best five minutes to start your day.

Why should you be interested? Keeping up with business news gives you an edge articulating in your network, keeping you relevant and informed of the implications that changes across industries have on each other. The Morning Brew also just happens to have the right amount of tongue in cheek humor to start a great day!

Here’s a free subscription, just for you: (Copy/Paste to your browser)

Additional questions or interest in the Morning Brew? Reach out to Onyx Bengston at

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