“Laudato Si’: How Pope Francis Enlists St. Francis of Assisi to Understand Climate Change”
A presentation by Professor J. Matthew Ashley (University of Notre Dame, Department of Theology)

The Screening Room, Cornerstone 131
Thursday, March 29, 2018
7:00 p.m.

Living in a distant age, Saint Francis of Assisi seems hardly an apt guide for making the difficult economic and political decisions required of us, or solving the complex scientific and technological problems that arise as we face global climate change and other environmental challenges. Yet, face them we must, for the sake of future generations. Why did Pope Francis begin and end his encyclical by pointing to the poor man of Assisi? How can the spiritual traditions he inspired help us be both more hard-headed and realistic, and also more hopeful and joyful, as we confront this growing crisis? Using the lens of Christian spirituality and of Francis of Assisi in particular, this lecture will explore Laudato Si’ and the approach it offers to our environmental challenges. Coffee will be available in the Great Hall outside the Screening Room.

Sponsored by:
University of Notre Dame Hesburgh Lecture Series
Notre Dame Club of Colorado Springs
Colorado College Paul Frederick Sheffer Fund for Roman Catholic Studies

Please contact Mike Siddoway (msiddoway@coloradocollege.edu) if you have any questions. Here’s a link to the Campus Calendar:


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Rastall has new hours to meet your needs! Listening to the voices of students and guests we are adjusting our breakfast and dinner meal times in Rastall. Breakfast will now be available from 7:30am to 9:30am and Dinner will be available from 5:30pm to 8:00pm. Daily lunch and weekend brunch will remain 11:00am to 1:30pm, and 10:30am to 1:30pm, respectively. With these adjusted hours we hope to better fuel you through your day and get you where you need to go!

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Cythina Lowen: Lecture & sneak preview: “Netizens”

Cynthia Lowen ’01 is an award-winning poet and co-producer and writer of the Emmy nominated documentary feature “Bully” (2011). “Netizens,” Lowen’s feature directorial debut, exposes the proliferation of cyber harassment faced by women, spreading from the web to the most intimate corners of their lives. With sneak preview clips and other visuals, Lowen will take us behind the scenes in the making of the film. “Netizens” recently won the first-ever International Documentary Association Enterprise Grant for journalistic documentaries and will have its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in April 2018.

Wednesday, March 28th
3:30 pm, Cornerstone Arts Center Screening Room

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State of the Faculty: Findings from the 2016-2017 HERI Faculty Survey at Colorado College.

Please join Amanda Udis-Kessler, Director of Assessment and Program Review, for an update on the life of the CC faculty as captured by responses to the 2016-2017 HERI Faculty Survey.
The HERI Faculty Survey provides institutions with a comprehensive, research-based picture of key aspects of the faculty experience. Since 1989 over 1,100 two-and four- year institutions have used results from this survey to connect faculty practices, values and priorities to institutional success and drive improvement efforts.

The HERI Faculty Survey is designed to provide institutions with actionable information on important and timely issues. It includes topics such as pedagogical practices, campus climate, faculty goals and expectations for students, research and service activities, sources of stress and satisfaction, and the connection between learning in the classroom and practices in the local and global community.

Gaylord Hall, April 10th
Doors open at 11:45
Talk begins at 12:15
Talk concludes about 1:15
Click the link to register: www.tinyurl.com/facultylunch7

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Hello CC faculty and staff!

Reaching out to see if anybody might be interested in serving as a panel judge for Round 2 of Colorado College’s Battle of the Bands happening Saturday, April 14th from 2-7:40 PM (six 40 minute sets) on Yampa Field. This is an annual tradition put on by the student-run music organization, The Sounds of Colorado College (SOCC), in which 6 of the school’s best student bands compete for a chance to play at Llamapalooza. A few weekends ago, 19 different groups competed over three nights in Round 1 of the event, competing to advance via student votes. Every year, we reach out to community members to assemble a panel that then judges Round 2 via a point-based rubric we provide. As a thank you for helping out, we compensate each judge with a $50 Amazon gift card. All that is required is a love for music and impartiality! Please reach out to k_bergsund@coloradocollege.edu if you are interested. We really appreciate the help!

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Did you know there is a designated dumpster for employee recycling disposal?
We’ve had a large number of employees bringing recycling from home to campus and depositing it in various containers across campus. We’re very happy that you’re doing the right thing, but would like to request that any employees use the single stream recycling dumpsters at 1018 Weber (Synergy House) next to the greenhouse (behind Fiji House) to reduce the amount of additional hauling and sorting that needs to be done. It is also important to remember that ANYTHING DISPOSED OF IN A PLASTIC BAG WILL BE PRESUMED TRASH AND NOT BE RECYCLED, AS BESTWAY DOES NOT RECYCLE PLASTIC BAGS. If you choose to bring your recycling to campus to dispose of, please use the designated dumpster. RECYCLE MATERIALS IN PLASTIC BAGS NEED TO BE EMPTIED LOOSELY INTO RECYCLE DUMPSTERS AND EMPTY PLASTIC BAGS SHOULD BE DISCARDED INTO THE LANDFILL/TRASH DUMPSTERS. The driveways to access the parking lot are directly behind Synergy and the greenhouse and dumpster corrals are in that general vicinity. You can park behind Synergy or on Weber St. while you’re carrying your recycling over. Thanks for your cooperation!

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Healthy Kids in the Colorado College Kitchen
Tuesday, April 3 | 430-630pm | Bemis Lounge
Bon Appétit would like to invite Colorado College faculty and staff’s elementary school-aged kids (K-5) to the kitchen for a culinary workshop featuring lessons in healthy eating and cooking. Chef Ed, Chef Jackie, and the Bon Appétit team will demonstrate how fresh fruits
and vegetables can be transformed into a healthy meal, finishing with a delicious Healthy Kids Picnic. REGISTER TODAY, SPOTS ARE LIMITED! Register at www.tinyurl.com/CCHealthyKids Questions: hannah.schmunk@cafebonappetit.com

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