THIS FRI and SAT at 9.00pm CORNERSTONE SCREENING ROOM – Free. An award-winning contemporary play from the UK – colliding stories of the modern world about heroism, revolution, violence, compromise and chance. Hope you’ll see it! <><><>THERE+HAS+POSSIBLY+BEEN+AN+INCIDENT by CHRIS THORPE~~a fAIL bETTER pRODUCTION directed by Andrew Manley & performed by Ben Bacher, Emily Gardner and Maggie Mehlman<><><>
“Utterly compelling. It gnaws at our ideas of heroism and compromise, individual and collective action, and those small acts of choosing and not choosing that either pass unnoticed or send ripples around the world” – The Guardian<><><>
“.gripping and unsettling, it comes quietly out of nowhere to crawl almost to the heart of the current political theatre zeitgeist” – Time Out

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