The Retirement Committee regularly reviews the investment options available in the retirement plan. Recently the committee, upon the recommendation of our investment consultant, made some changes to the investments available in our retirement and Emeriti plans. The changes were made to address fees and volatility issues:

The Target Date Funds will move from Lifecycle Funds to Lifecycle Index funds. This change has a similar investment strategy, but by indexing the approach allows us to further lower cost. This same change will be made in the Emeriti investment options.

Wasatch Small-Cap Growth equity option in Tier 3 will be replaced with Conestoga Small Cap Institutional; TIAA-CREF Large Cap Value Premier equity option in Tier 3 will be replaced with MFS Value R6.
If you are invested in one of the options that are changing you should have received a notice directly from TIAA.

The updated fund lineup by tiers is posted on the benefits website at:… under the Retirement Tab, then ‘Fund Lineup by Tiers’ in the menu at left. You can also request a copy from Laurie Mozingo:; (719) 389-6422).

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