Gold and Guns: Colorado and the Civil War West
Megan Kate Nelson – writer and historian

Cornerstone 131 (Screening Room) Tuesday, October 2 – 6:00pm

When most people think of Civil War battlefields, they do not think of high mountain passes, desert rivers, and deep red rock canyons. But they should. Between 1861 and 1865, the Union Army fought a series of battles against three different enemies in New Mexico and Arizona: Confederates, Apaches, and Navajos. In the end, they won most of these battles and saved the West for the Union. They were able to do this for a variety of reasons: the willingness of Colorado gold miners and Hispano New Mexicans to volunteer for the war effort; the Union Army’s use of hard-war tactics against all of their opponents; and the Lincoln Administration’s vision of a free-labor future, which required both African-American emancipation and Native American incarceration. In her talk, Nelson will tell these little-known stories of the Civil War, and explain the significance of the West in the fight for America’s future.

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