Just a few reminders about parking on campus!

1. Parking is enforced over block break, so please make sure you are parking in your assigned lot. As a friendly reminder, all campus parking lots are permit required and enforced 24/7.
2. Be sure if your visitor has a day pass, they are parking in appropriately marked “Paid Visitor Parking” spots located behind the Campus Safety Office, S-3 lot on the south east side, and the C-1 north side. Day passes can be purchased at the Campus Safety Office located at 833 N Tejon.
3. Please be sure the appropriate day is scratched off on the day pass, or the pass is invalid and the vehicle will be subject to tickets.
4. If there is a scheduled event on campus that may impact parking, be sure to alert all necessary parties including the Parking Office and Communications, so that appropriate messaging may be distributed to permit holders.

Posted by campussafety@coloradocollege.edu for the November 7, 2018 digest.

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