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World Table Series: Jiangnan Journey
Brought to you by Bon Appetit
Jan. 21, 2019, at 5pm in Bemis Great Hall
RSVP by January 14, 2019
Purchase tickets at The Preserve or email
Please join us at Bemis Great Hall for our inaugural
World Table Series, celebrating world cuisines!
*First Course: Tea smoked hard-boiled egg with sichuan peppercorn salt and scallion; sweet and sour sesame radish wedges; pork lion’s head meatball in chicken broth
*Main Course: Hangzhou soy sauce duck – seared duck breast finished in soy sauce glaze with spices, cool steamed eggplant with garlic dressing, Shanghai noodles with dried shrimp and spring onion oil
*Dessert: Eight-treasure rice. Glutinous rice pudding filled with red bean paste, topped with dried cherries, sultanas, apricots, plums and organic almonds

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