Take Back the Night, a march, rally, and sexual violence survivor speak out will be happening tonight. We will gather at Worner quad flag pole at 8 pm and will march through campus to a rally at Hybl Community Center. There will be performances from SpeakEasy and Ellement, as well as student speeches, throughout the march and at the rally. The rally will transition into an open mic survivor speak-out inside Hybl–allies and supporters are welcome in the audience.

Please know that the entire campus community is welcome at this event. Your communication of support to students who are participating in the event is important and impactful. It is likely that some might have emotional reactions leading up to and following this event, please be understanding and refer them to confidential resources such as the SARC, START, the Chaplain’s office, and the counseling center. This event was organized by START, SOSS, and the WRC.

Posted by cpalmer@coloradocollege.edu for the April 30, 2019 digest.

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