July is the new fiscal year and pay/benefit changes take effect on the July 15th payroll. Please take a look at your July 15th pay stub to ensure that your pay, benefit, and tax deductions are correct!

If you are on deferred pay your pay increase won’t show up until your September payroll but any benefit changes you made during open enrollment should be on this check!

The best way to see these is in Banner (SSB) under Employee Tab/Pay Information/Pay Stub.

Please note that when you are newly eligible for the mandatory defined contribution retirement plan (benefits-eligible, age 29 and 1 year of service) and/or the long-term disability plan (benefits-eligible and 1 year of service) these contributions and premiums will automatically be deducted from your pay.

Posted by lmozingo@coloradocollege.edu for the July 16, 2019 digest.

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