If your department have not sent in a roll forward request for consideration and wish to do so, please submit by Monday July 22nd.
Following are the guidelines for Budgetary Roll Forward of unrestricted operational funds from FY19 to FY20:

1. Unspent permanent operating budget must be available in order to Roll Forward. Please take into consideration any pending P-Card transactions or check requests that might not be posted to your budget.

2. All requests need to have a specific use and purpose. For example: A speaker was schedule to visit campus on FY19 but it canceled last minute. The speaker reschedules for the next available date, which is in FY20. The department can request a Roll Forward of operating funds to cover the one-time expenditure in the new fiscal year.

3. These roll forwards are for one time purpose only. Following the above example: If the speaker does not visit campus during FY20 we will not roll forward the funds a second year.

4. When preparing the request, please provide the FOAP (Fund – Organization-Account-Program Code) you will like the funds transferred into if approved.

5. All budgetary requests should comply with the core mission of the college.

6. All requests must be submitted to Enid Ruiz-Mattei via email enid.ruizmattei@coloradocollege.edu

7. All request need to be submitted by Monday July 22th, 2019.

8. Final approval happen sometime in late August 2019.

Finance is available to assist you with any questions regarding the submittal of the requests. All final decisions will be made by the President.

Posted by eruizmattei@coloradocollege.edu for the July 17, 2019 digest.

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