Join colleagues at the Block 3 In the Loop all-staff meeting Thursday, Nov. 14, in Bemis Great Hall. Breakfast will be served from 8 to 8:30 a.m., with the meeting directly following. This is the final ITL for this academic year. Have you submitted your kudos, good news, and questions? Do so in advance, so they may be announced and addressed during the question-and-answer period:

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Join the Office of Alumni and Family Relations on Friday, November 1, from 2-3:30 p.m. at Tutt Alumni House to celebrate Debra Zarecky and Brittany Almeida and wish them well in their next adventures!

Debra has made a significant impact to the campus community in multiple positions during her 14 years at CC. She is moving to Pennsylvania next month,

Brittany graduated from CC in 2014, and has most recently served as the Assistant Director for Student and Family Programs. She is joining the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at UCCS.

Stop by Tutt Alumni House on Friday afternoon to talk with Debra and Brittany and enjoy some light refreshments.

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Faculty Lunch #3 featuring Dr. Dwanna L. McKay

Navigating Indigenous Identity

Are we talking about Indians, American Indians, Natives, Native Americans, Indigenous Peoples, First Peoples, or Original Peoples? Are we talking about “tribes” or sovereign nations? Are we talking about what we call ourselves or what the colonial powers named us? Furthermore, are we talking about race, ethnicity, cultural identity, tribal identity, national identity, or some other form of identity? Indigenous folk in the United States navigate and negotiate complex amounts of social identity. Why is this important? Because for Native and Indigenous persons in the US, the consequences and lived experiences associated with these different forms of identity representation are at best, complex, and at worst, alienating and discriminatory. Indigeneity involves racial, cultural, and political identity criteria, which serve to construct boundaries–boundaries that serve to confuse our ability to define and identify Indigeneity. Indeed, very little consensus exists about Indigenous identity among or between individuals, communities, or academia. We continue to struggle with questions like: What constitutes Indigeneity? How do we measure Indianness? How do we account for identity variations between reservation, non-reservation, urban, and rural living? Who truly possesses, performs, or holds American Indian identity? In other words, who is a “real Indian” today? This talk will explore my findings through conversations with 698 people who represent 322 federally recognized tribes.

Dr. Dwanna L. McKay, Assistant Professor of Indigenous Studies in the Race, Ethnicity, and Migration Studies Program at Colorado College

11/5/19 Gaylord Hall – Family style lunch provided

Click the following link to register:

11:45am Doors Open and lunch on tables
12:15pm Talk begins
1:15pm Event Concludes

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Starting Monday 4th of November at 7 PM, at Max Kade Theater (Armstrong Hall third floor), a European Cinema Cycle will begin, featuring a film every block till the end of the present academic year. The cycle will include French, German, Italian and Spanish films, all of them sharing a particular characteristic. All of the movies that will be showed were shot in English, but produced and directed by specialists from one of these four countries. Our first screening, next Monday, will feature My Life Without Me (Mi vida sin mí, 2003), by Spanish director Isabel Coixet.

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Where: Basement of Packard Hall (Seay Library of Music & Art)

Time: Ongoing

Seay Library hours are posted on our door and on our website at

What is included?
Various books about music and a few choral scores and a couple of CDs and VHS tapes.

EVERYTHING is going for $.50 each!!

Come on down to the Seay Library, located in the basement of Packard Hall and take a look. Maybe you will find something you cannot live without.

– The Seay Library Staff

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Cigna is in negotiation with some emergency room providers who deliver care at Centura Health facilities so those providers may be out-of-network if you choose them after November 1st. We had only three plan members visit one of the impacted providers last year. The emergency room providers are employed by US Acute Care Solutions of Colorado, Apex Emergency Physicians, Emergency Physicians at Porter Hospitals and Premier Emergency Services. They are operating from Centura Health facilities. If you need help finding an in-network emergency provider, contact the number on the back of your Cigna card.

The Centura facilities themselves may remain in-network but the listed emergency room health care professionals working within them may be out-of-network.

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Native Choreographer Rosy Simas Artist Talk
Thursday, October 31 3-4:30pm
FAC Education Studio (Room 236)

Rosy Simas is a Haudenosaunee, Seneca, Heron clan dance artist and political advocate. In her own words, Simas’ work has for more than twenty years dealt with “a wide range of political, social, and cultural subject matter from a Native feminist perspective.” Her performances have been presented in major universities (Northwestern, UC Riverside, Minnesota) and in prestigious theaters throughout the U.S., Canada, and France. In this talk, Simas will be presenting an overview of her choreography, which “investigates how culture, history, and identity are stored in the body and expressed in movement.”

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The Department of Theatre & Dance is sponsoring free tickets and transportation to see the Ballet Hispánico at UCCS on Friday, November 1 at 7pm. Ballet Hispánico celebrates traditional Latin dance styles, blending them with classical and contemporary choreographers to create theatrical and athletic movement. Please contact Shaylan Quinn, Department of Theatre & Dance for more information and to reserve tickets:

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