Faculty Lunch #2 featuring Molly Moran – “Knot Theory”

“What’s not to like about knots? An introduction to the study of knot theory”

Knots have been around since the beginning of humankind, possibly even before that. When we look around us today, knots are everywhere: in the laces on our shoes, the fabric making up our clothes, in our art, and the list goes on. Due to their ubiquitous presence in our world, it is not surprising then that mathematicians decided to study knots. One of the key ideas in knot theory is to decide if we could deform one knot to look like another, seemingly different, knot. Answering this question can be very difficult and it is where mathematics can help. In this talk, we will introduce some of the basic concepts in knot theory and highlight work I have done with CC undergraduates in the area of polynomial knot invariants.

10/8/19 Gaylord Hall – Family style lunch provided

Build your own Mac & Cheese!!

11:45am Doors Open and lunch on tables
12:15pm Talk begins
1:15pm Event Concludes

Click link to register: tiny.cc/Facultylunch2

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