Today at Kaffeestunde we’ll start with a critical talk about the history and the development of the popular German festival – coffee and cake as always. 3:30pm at the German House!

And then we’ll have our actual Oktoberfest on Friday starting at 6pm in the German House! There will be traditional food and music – we’ll also play some fun games so be sure not to miss it and bring your friends!

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ONLY TWO DAYS LEFT to COMMENT – The college is proposing a new policy around the adoption and purchasing of new technology. Technology adoption in higher education can raise many questions, such as ensuring compatibility, security, stewardship, and advancing digital equity, among others. Each new adoption brings new challenges, and ITS is here to help navigate them. For any questions about application adoptions, searches, evaluations, demos, and other possibilities, please contact the Solutions Center at From small to large projects, ITS will be able to help you ask good questions of vendors, developers, and others to ensure that college resources are maximized and you find a great fit for your needs. You can review the draft policy and submit questions and feedback at Feedback can be submitted through October 10, 2019, end of day.

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ONLY TWO DAYS LEFT to COMMENT – The college has adopted an interim policy on the protection of minors on campus that it wants your feedback on during the 30-day open comment period. You can review the interim policy and submit questions and feedback at Feedback can be submitted through October 10, 2019 end of day.

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Join us for a conversation* as we gather feedback about the college’s utilization and programming at the Baca Campus. We are in the process of writing a management plan and vision for the Baca and need your input! Any and all users (or non-users) of the campus are invited to come. This means faculty who teach there or would like to teach there, faculty or staff who utilize the space for private visits, and staff who take students there for co-curricular programming. Refreshments will be provided.
RSVP to Belinda Barrientos.

October 9th 2:00pm-3:00pm
Tutt Library 105

*This will be the first of multiple meetings.

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Come to Armstrong Hall, Suite 100, on Thursday, October 10, between 1215 and 130, for the Provost’s Open House. You will have the opportunity to meet informally with Provost Townsend and to speak with him about our shared mission. Beverages and snacks will be available.

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If you are sponsoring an event that will be open to the public during the month of November, please ensure this event is posted on the CC Calendar of Events by Oct. 12 AND, if your event will be open to the public and you want to ensure you get the best attendance possible, you must provide correct and complete information when entering your event into the Events Management System.
1.Set “Is this event open to the public?” to Yes.
2.Set the “Campus Calendar(s) Display Option” to “Internal AND Public Campus Calendars” 3.Enter a complete description of your event in the Event Summary section. This information will be used to publicize your event.
4.List the venue where the event will be held (“Anchor Venue”).
5.If possible, add a photo.
Contact the venue manager if you aren’t seeing the venue or photo you uploaded.
Without these items, your event listing is incomplete and will not be publicized. We want to get it to all the local media outlets in time for their print deadlines, as well as to thousands of subscribers–and help boost attendance for your event! If you’ve already booked the event, please review the listing on the Campus Calendar….
If you have changes or corrections, you may edit your calendar information from a link on the CC Events Management Dashboard. Use the “Sign into CC” link at the bottom of the CC website. This will take you to the CC single sign-in dashboard where you will select the “CC Events Management” button. READ the instructions and select the appropriate option under the Update and Existing Event menu.
If you still need a space for the event, select the “Plan a New Event” option. Be sure to complete all Campus Calendar information within the event reservation process.
QUESTIONS? Communications can help you if you have trouble. Call X6603

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Join the Butler Center staff in commemorating and celebrating National Coming Out Day on Friday, October 11th! National Coming Out Day intends to celebrate and validate all identities and expressions, but we in the Butler Center acknowledge the fact that being out or coming out isn’t always safe or necessary for some individuals. Coming out and being out are deeply personal decisions and we seek to honor and validate individual journeys. Desserts and light refreshments will be available from 12:00-1:15pm at the Butler Center, located in Worner Campus Center on the second floor. Come by and share whose story has inspired you to be your best, authentic self and engage in community with us. We hope to see you there!

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Do you venture into the wild outdoors, exploring the vast wonder of the backcountry? Not sure what to do if someone gets injured during your next hiking trip? Look no further – Wilderness First Responder course is here! SIGN UP for the WFR Course held during Half Block and is open to students, faculty, staff and community members!

WFR Registration for Faculty/Staff/Public:

The Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Course is a 10 Day course aiming to prepare you for if and when emergencies and injuries arise in the backcountry. This course is a MUST for all outdoor enthusiasts! Outdoor Education is hosting 3 WFR courses during Half Block.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Is your WFR certification expiring soon? SIGN UP for the WFR-Recertification Course held during Half Block Break!

WFR Re-Cert Registration for Faculty/Staff/Public:

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Faculty Lunch #2 featuring Molly Moran – “Knot Theory”

“What’s not to like about knots? An introduction to the study of knot theory”

Knots have been around since the beginning of humankind, possibly even before that. When we look around us today, knots are everywhere: in the laces on our shoes, the fabric making up our clothes, in our art, and the list goes on. Due to their ubiquitous presence in our world, it is not surprising then that mathematicians decided to study knots. One of the key ideas in knot theory is to decide if we could deform one knot to look like another, seemingly different, knot. Answering this question can be very difficult and it is where mathematics can help. In this talk, we will introduce some of the basic concepts in knot theory and highlight work I have done with CC undergraduates in the area of polynomial knot invariants.

10/8/19 Gaylord Hall – Family style lunch provided

Build your own Mac & Cheese!!

11:45am Doors Open and lunch on tables
12:15pm Talk begins
1:15pm Event Concludes

Click link to register:

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