Banner will be down for maintenance on Saturday morning, 8/11 from midnight to 10:00AM. After the maintenance, you’ll notice a new option for “Banner 9” on the single sign in menu. This is a “soft” launch and using either “Banner 9” or “Banner (SSB)” will work fine for the next several months while we continue to work out the kinks in the new version.

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ITS: is performing maintenance on Banner on Saturday, 8/12 from approximately 7:00am to 10:00am in preparation for the fast-approaching fall semester to begin. Scheduled jobs won’t run during this time, and Banner services may be inaccessible at times during the window.

Also, do you have any spare office phones? We are running out of extras and would love to have some more available. If so, please contact and we’ll be happy to come and take the spare office phone off your hands.

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