You are welcome to enjoy free coffee and cake at Kaffeeklatsch on Wednesday 3:30-5:00 p.m. in the German House. This week the community member Ilse will give a presentation. Ilse was born in Germany but needed to flee to the U.S. during the third Reich. It will be very interesting to hear about her her childhood in Germany, world war two and her life ever since then here in Colorado. Bis Mittwoch:)

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Want to learn more about German history, literature, film, and philosophy? The Nazi past, black, transnational, and LGBTQ communities in Berlin (stay in Berlin!), or the current challenges regarding refugee populations and right-wing movements? Spend the fall semester 2017 in Lüneburg! Application deadline is March 1 (Summit). No knowledge of German required! 4 blocks in the fall fulfill language requirement and West in Time (or G/S). Program fee replaces room & board, reimbursement for airfare. Field trips included!

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Former Chinese political journalist Kecheng Fang will visit CC and gives a talk about Chinese media Thurs. March 2nd 7:00 pm at Gaylord Hall. Free food available!!
Speaker Event: Understanding Chinese Media: Beyond Censorship and Resistance
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If you are interested in joining us for a fantastic summer course in Nepal in Blocks A and 1/2 of B, studying the intersection of landscape, culture and biological conservation please get in touch with EV prof. Miro Kummel ( We are having a planning lunch with currently enrolled students this Friday and you are welcomed to join us. Let me know you are coming and I will give you directions and order more pizza 🙂

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Juniors and Sophomores! Curious Freshmen! Is there a thesis in your near (or somewhat near) future?? What does it mean to write a thesis? What will it ask of you? What opportunities might it offer? Come and hear from the people who really know: Kevin Holmes, Psychology; Esther Redmount, Economics; Re Evitt, English; Ryan Banagale, Music; Kathy Giuffre, Sociology. Enjoy lunch and great conversation! Friday, March 3, 12:15-1:15, McHugh Commons. See you there!!

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Do you want to know more about the journey your food takes from the farm to your plate? This week’s #ModPodMonday features Dr. Tyler Cornelius and his course, Food and Environment in Colorado!
Monday, 2/27 at 1pm in the Mod Pod, Tyler will lead an overview of his upcoming summer course, EV260: Food & Environment in Colorado. More information at

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This course is designed for students with absolutely no backpacking/camping/hiking experience who want to learn more!
It will meet for one hour each week during 6th and 7th block, culminating in a free 7th block break trip! The goals of this course are to get a better idea for what backpacking really looks like, familiarize yourself with CC Outdoor Education, and gain the tools to feel confident going on your own trips with friends.
Sign up here!

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Kaplan is holding a free MCAT Challenge on campus in collaboration with GlobeMed!! The free MCAT Challenge will be held on Thursday, March 2nd in Gaylord Hall in Worner. The MCAT challenge will begin at 12:00 PM. You MUST register for the event. You can also register right before the event. Register here:
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