AN308 Expressive Culture and Language in Everyday Life
Block 3, 2017-2018

This course considers the extent to which expressive culture is central to human life, as both an orienting force in culture writ large, but also as a force for individual engagements with the cultural forces that shape their lives. The course investigates how language use and linguistic resources, along with other expressive resources, shape our sociocultural experiences. Looking globally, we consider the use of expressive practices like music, museum exhibits, and popular media to explore the interactions between the individual, society, and culture. Important questions for the course include:
What is the relationship of gender to expressive art forms?
What larger social value is there in popular/vernacular musical forms?
What do discourses about the “proper” or “right” ways to eat, parent, talk, or otherwise use our bodies say about other cultural systems of

Dr. Aimee J. Hosemann is a linguistic and sociocultural anthropologist with emphases in Latin American indigenous languages, soundscapes, and cultures, especially in Lowland South America. She is also interested in bilingual education issues and has been investigating the rise of veganism/whole-foods, plant-based eaters in the United States.

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