Did you know the Honor Council needs your approval to accept any changes to the Honor Code? Well, good thing you know now because the Honor Code is expected to change by the end of January! What’s changing?* Aside from minor formatting adjustments, we added a separate “Flagrancy” section in the Honor Code, which consists of the definition, examples of violations, and sanction recommendations. Additionally, we are moving the section of “Falsifying Information” under Article III: Violations to the separate “Flagrancy” section. Want to learn more about what all this means? Email Kate Schroeder at k_schroeder@ColoradoCollege.edu and get ready to vote on Friday, January 26th!

*These changes are conditional on whether our legal advisors approve said modifications.

Posted by k_schroeder@coloradocollege.edu for the December 18, 2017 digest.

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