Looking for a Block 5 course? Join Visiting Prof. Yogesh Chandrani for Culture, Power and History in South Asia (AN208/PA250/HY200). This course examines how cultural and religious life in South Asia has been transformed by the modern regime of power in the colonial and postcolonial eras. We will focus on how modern practices and technologies of rule such as the census, linguistic surveys, urban planning and modern law have engendered new conceptions of ethnicity, community, religion, space and time and how the legacies of colonial rule continue to affect and shape the politics of identity and recognition in postcolonial South Asia. Readings for this iteration of the course will focus primarily on urban life in South Asia in order and explore the rise of ethnic and religious nationalist movements, the problem of social and economic inequality, the politics of caste and gender, the politics of indigeneity, the relationship between identity politics and history writing. Readings on India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka will be supplemented with film screenings.

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