Rastall Café Winter Break Operations
To help accommodate students who will be staying on campus, Rastall Café will be open Thursday December 21st and Friday December 22nd from 12-1pm for lunch service only. On these days staff club plans and department coupon books will not be accepted. We will be accepting cash or debit/credit card only. Rastall Café will be closed Saturday December 23rd through Saturday January 6, 2018. Re-opening for dinner service at 5 pm on Sunday January 7th for half block limited operations.
Thank you!

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THE BIG IDEA Half Block!

Learn how to make a professional big idea pitch.
Startup teams participating in the Big Idea program at Colorado College are strongly encouraged to enroll in this workshop. Dez Menendez and Jake Eichengreen will cover every element required to successfully compete in the 2018 Big Idea Competition, where up to $50,000 in seed money is the prize.

WHEN: Half Block: January 8-18th, 2018
HOW: Register on Summit: Student Life
Registration closes DECEMBER 21, 2017

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The Big Idea 2018 is approaching!
The Big Idea is a start-up pitch competition hosted by Innovation at Colorado College, open to CC students. If you have an idea for a business, this event is your opportunity to learn to pitch your plan, get help from experts and win up to $50,000 for your team!
The team registration deadline is December 17th.
Questions? email Innovation Program Coordinator, Cyndy, at chines@coloradocollege.edu for more information or stop by Innovation at CC at 232 E Cache La Poudre.

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Registration for Block 5 Arts and Crafts classes begins on MONDAY, December 18 at 8:00 AM at Worner Desk. Great line-up of classes in CLAY, Jewelry, Fiber! The list of classes is available at Worner Desk, and posted on the door to the Arts and Crafts Studios. Join us Block 5! No experience necessary for beginning classes, no credit, all materials supplied. Cost: $10.00 for the block.

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Join us Sunday, December 17th in Benji’s from 3 to 5 p.m. to decorate holiday cookies. Frosting, sprinkles and a dozen sugar cookies will be provided to each participant to craft and create their own sweet treats. Take a break from the stress of finals and celebrate the holidays with food and friends. Free tickets are available at the Worner desk

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An introduction to Street Dance History and Hip-hop Culture and taught by a renowned choreographer, dancer and street dance historian Rennie Harris. A pioneer in Hip-hop and street dance, Rennie is noted for bringing these dance styles to the concert stage. The course covers the geographic history of prominent East and West Coast street dance styles otherwise known as Hip-hop. Students will also discuss Street and Hip-hop paradigm shifts and will leave with a fundamental knowledge rooted in a theoretical structure that springs from the African Diaspora. With an emphasis placed on the social, political and economic environment in which it was fashioned, we will identify Hip-Hop’s pioneers and innovators and define the terminology and codification of West and East Street dance styles. Dr. Harris will teach the class using a traditional African pedagogical method-story telling to contextualize particular movement vocabulary and aesthetics of Street dance and its history. Questions? Email shawn.womack@coloradocollege.edu

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Th200 Stand-Up Comedy Writing and Performance, taught by Cesar Cervantes. Block 5-8, 5:00-6:30pm , Adjunct class.

This course is designed primarily to teach the tools of humor writing for live stand-up performance. Students will deconstruct the performances of stand-up comedians, learn the foundations from which modern comedy stems and work to develop their own voice. The course will culminate in a live stand-up performance showcasing student’s original work.

Sign up at the Registrar’s office

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