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My name is Adam and I am currently working on my Senior Thesis and need your help. I invite you to participate in my sociology thesis study on Coping Humor and Socioeconomic Status in College Students!

The survey link below should take 10 minutes, tops.

Please click here to begin, or paste the below URL into your browser:


I really appreciate your participation and helping me get as good a random representative sample of students as I can. As a thank-you for participating, there is a link to my favorite funny video on the internet at the end of the survey!

Thank you for your participation and have a great day!

Adam Sodano 🙂
Class of 2018

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Are you a rising junior (’20) or senior (’19)? Are you interested in interviewing prospective students for the Office of Admission during the 2018-2019 academic year? Come attend the first information session for the Admission Fellow program this Friday (12/15) 3:30-4:30pm in Cutler Hall! No prior admission experience is required. Questions? See the job posting on the Student Employment Website for further details and/or email Erika Blauth, Senior Assistant Director of Admission, at erika.blauth@coloradocollege.edu. Additional information sessions will be held on 1/25 and 2/1 @ 3:30pm in Cutler Hall.

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To help accommodate students who will be staying on campus, Rastall Café will be open Thursday December 21st and Friday December 22nd from 12-1pm for lunch service only. On these days staff club plans and department coupon books will not be accepted. We will be accepting cash or debit/credit card only. Rastall Café will be closed Saturday December 23rd through Saturday January 6, 2018. Re-opening for dinner service at 5 pm on Sunday January 7th for half block limited operations.
Thank you!
Please note the above dates are a correction from the post on Thursday December 14.

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Apply to attend a “Making Comics” workshop with Graphic Artist Lynda Barry


Cornerstone Arts Week is very happy to offer students a rare opportunity to attend one of Lynda Barry’s famed creativity workshops. A limited number of CC students will be accepted on a competitive basis to participate in a hands-on workshop titled Drawing Words and Speaking Pictures: This Mysterious Thing We Call Comics, to be held on Friday, February 2 at 1 p.m.

Workshop description:

Lynda Barry leads a lively drawing jam for anyone who is interested in making comics. You don’t need any artistic ability to be part of this class, but you must be willing to draw bravely. We’ll be learning fast drawing techniques that anyone can do to create instant characters, story lines, and the spook-house kind of excitement that comes about when people who don’t know each other get together in a single room and suddenly have to start making pictures together.

Lynda Barry bio:

Creator of the comic strip Ernie Pook’s Comeek, Lynda Barry is widely credited with expanding the literary, thematic, and emotional range of American comics. She has published over twenty books, including Picture This: The Near-Sighted Monkey Book, What It Is, and The Good Times Are Killing Me, which was adapted into an off-Broadway play.

************To apply for the workshop: applications available at the Worner Desk; email your answers to the Application Questions below to Jane Hilberry (jhilberry@coloradocollege.edu) by the last day of Block 4. ************

Do not apply unless you are free and can commit to attending on Friday February 2 from 1-3 p.m.

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An introduction to Street Dance History and Hip-hop Culture and taught by a renowned choreographer, dancer and street dance historian Rennie Harris. A pioneer in Hip-hop and street dance, Rennie is noted for bringing these dance styles to the concert stage. The course covers the geographic history of prominent East and West Coast street dance styles otherwise known as Hip-hop. Students will also discuss Street and Hip-hop paradigm shifts and will leave with a fundamental knowledge rooted in a theoretical structure that springs from the African Diaspora. With an emphasis placed on the social, political and economic environment in which it was fashioned, we will identify Hip-Hop’s pioneers and innovators and define the terminology and codification of West and East Street dance styles. Dr. Harris will teach the class using a traditional African pedagogical method-story telling to contextualize particular movement vocabulary and aesthetics of Street dance and its history. Questions? Email shawn.womack@coloradocollege.edu

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Th200 Stand-Up Comedy Writing and Performance, taught by Cesar Cervantes. Block 5-8, 5:00-6:30pm , Adjunct class.

This course is designed primarily to teach the tools of humor writing for live stand-up performance. Students will deconstruct the performances of stand-up comedians, learn the foundations from which modern comedy stems and work to develop their own voice. The course will culminate in a live stand-up performance showcasing student’s original work.

Sign up at the Registrar’s office

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If a man mistakes his wife for a hat there must be a reason. Is he mad? The moment we lay aside this easy assumption we face a real mystery***
‘Romantic Neurologist’ Oliver Sacks’ extraordinary best seller ‘The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat” becomes a play or a ‘theatrical research’ adapted by Peter Brook who says: “.we all have a brain and we think we know it. But the moment we go inside, we find we are on another planet.this is the valley of astonishment” ***A truly original play about people with fantastic perceptual and intellectual aberrations but who remain extraordinarily human***
ALL WELCOME to Cornerstone Friday 5.00pm for the last PLAY READING GROUP of 2017 with extra-special-year-ending..FREE PIZZA & POP for ALL!

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