“Leonard Bernstein at 100” is a Colorado College Music Symposium taking place the first week of block 6 (February 22-24).

An on-campus interview with Jamie Bernstein, presentations by nationally-recognized music scholars, and a concert of seldom-heard Bernstein works are all part of the proceedings.

Registration is required, but free for all those with a CC Gold Card. Just use the discount code “LBCC2018” when completing the online registration.

More information available at http://coloradocollege.edu/bernstein

As one of the most celebrated figures of the twentieth century, Bernstein left his musical mark on the seemingly separate realms of the concert hall, musical theatre, television and film, as well as criticism. In the spirit of Bernstein’s own educational mission, this public musicology conference aims to share academically oriented insights on this popular figure and his output in an accessible and approachable manner.

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I’m directing THE MAN WHO an extraordinary play by Peter Brook based on the equally extraordinary book THE MAN WHO MISTOOK HIS WIFE FOR A HAT by Oliver Sacks “one of the great clinical writers of the twentieth century” (The New York Times) that recounts the case histories of patients lost in the bizarre, apparently inescapable world of neurological disorders.
And for this I need ACTORS! The show will be performed for Cornerstone Arts Week in Block 5 so we need to begin rehearsals during Half Block
If you’re interested AUDITIONS will be on MON JAN 8th at 5.00pm in CORNERSTONE.
If you want to know more – just email me!

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Hello there!

My name is Adam and I am currently working on my Senior Thesis and need your help! I invite you to participate in my questionnaire on Coping Humor and Socioeconomic Status in College Students!

The survey link below should take 10 minutes, tops.

Please click here to begin, or paste the below URL into your browser:


I really appreciate your participation and helping me get as good a sample of students as I can. As a thank-you for participating, there is a link to my favorite funny video on the internet at the end of the survey!

Thank you for your participation and have a great day!

Adam Sodano 🙂
Class of 2018

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