Do you want to present your work at a conference? Register for CSURF – the Colorado Springs Undergraduate Research Forum. Students who have participated love CSURF: 96% said they would recommend CSURF to a friend.
Registration is now OPEN for the 15th Annual CSURF, hosted by Colorado College on Saturday, April 28, 2018 (Block 8, 1st Saturday). CSURF is an opportunity for undergraduate students from Colorado College, UCCS, and the US Air Force Academy to present their research or creative works. The conference is FREE for all student presenters and guests. The student presenter registration deadline is April 5, 2018 (Block 7, 2nd Thurs).
For more information and to register, please go to: or contact Lisa Schwartz,
We are also very excited to announce that this year we have expanded the options for presentation format. In addition to talks and posters, students can choose to present their work as an Ignite presentation, in visual or performing arts spaces, a themed interactive session, or can propose a format that best suits their research area. Proposals for special formats are due one month prior to registration closing (March 5th).
More of what people are saying about CSURF:
“It was great!” – Annie Hale, CC Class of 2017
“Good presentation experience.” — Monica Weindling, CC Class of 2017
“It’s like the Science Fair except way cooler.” — Esra Siddeek, CC Class of 2017

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