2019 Block 8 TH330 Performance Away: LONDON – 20+ amazing shows of every type plus backstage tours, museum/art gallery visits, trips to Stratford & Brighton and everything else the world’s greatest performance capital has to offer. <><> And, if you are receiving need-based financial aid at CC, you can apply for aid for this block from 7.00am THIS THURSDAY March 1st – its first come first served so get in as fast as you can! <><> Go to Summit, go to International Programs, go to student section, & the application form is ‘AY 18-19 Financial Aid Application’ – its quick and easy! <><> And Yes this is for a class in Block 8 in 2 0 1 9 – you cant sign up for the class just yet but YOU CAN APPLY FOR FINANCIAL AID for it ….ON THURSDAY! <><> Want to know more? Email Me and I’ll send you plenty of details.

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Exciting news! The Tiger Trek: NYC applications are now open. Not one, but two Tiger Treks will head to New York City over Block Break 7. (Yes, that means that twice as many students will have the opportunity to attend.)

One trip will focus on the Arts, Media, & Entertainment industries, and one trip will highlight Computer Science opportunities in NYC. When you’re ready to apply, log onto Summit: Student Life to fill out your application. Summit closes at 5pm, March 14!

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On Friday, March 2nd at 5:30 in the Interfaith House, J Street U and Hillel will be hosting a debrief of the Combatants for Peace event from last week. You don’t need to have attended the event to come- this will just be a time to have an open dialogue about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, answer any nagging questions you may have, and learn from one another. Shabbat appetizers will be served as well! Hope to see you there.

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Monday, March 5, 12:15-1:30 p.m., Worner Campus Center
Have you chosen a major yet? Interested in Biology, History, or Spanish? What about Feminist and Gender Studies? Curious about major/minor requirements? Join us for a Majors Resource Fair to talk to faculty and students from a number of departments about potential majors and minors. Lunch will be served!

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