Ensemble training works to adjust personal rhythms and instincts to a group by attending to a space, imagery through movement and sound, focusing the audience’s attention and the dynamics of “play”. This work serves performers in all performative styles from camera work to physical styles such as Greek tragedy and buffoon. SPACE IS LIMITED. Reserve your place by emailing, squinn@coloradocollege.edu

A physical ensemble theatre company in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Grottesco creates original live performances that are visual, explosive and full of surprise. The company will perform at the Fine Arts Center from August 30-September 2.

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THIS Wednesday, August 29th at 1pm in Gaylord Hall in the Worner Center, come on out to hear from a panel of the leaders of our 7 Greek-affiliated fraternities and sororities (which includes a new one this year that you may not have known about before.) You can submit anonymous questions and our moderator will ask the leaders for you. Also, there will be light hor d’eurves for snacking.
Don’t miss it!

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Contemporary Western notions of “art” can limit our understanding
of the aesthetic and expressive activities engaged in by humans.
In this seminar we will explore the importance and meanings of
expressive forms cross-culturally — both “traditional” and “modern.”
We will explore topics like music, dance, performance, oral poetry,
ritual, and carving in anthropological perspective. Why is
art/expressive culture important and pleasurable? How are
aesthetic practices connected to the production of inequality,
gender, personal and social identity, social change? What kinds
of ethnographic and analytic techniques can help us to understand
the way that meanings are produced in expressive practices?
There will be one or more field projects involving observation
and/or interview. Prerequisite: one previous anthropology course
or COI.

Calla Jacobson’s interest in expressive culture came out of her
attachment to the stories and songs of the Himalayas. After
working and volunteering in Nepal, she embarked upon a Ph.D.
program in anthropology and folklore at the University of Texas,
Austin, where she studied both linguistic and non-linguistic forms
of human expression. A Colorado native, she first taught at
Colorado College in 2000.

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Come see the new Mail Room! You can pick up your packages and send out your mail all at one location now. Look for the big window framed by the gold wall. In addition, we will be opening at 8:30 a.m. Monday-Friday, so you have a chance to pick up packages before class. We are still open until 4 p.m. during the week.

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Do you like poetry? Do you like performing? Do you like a close community of creative people who get to write and edit twice a week together? If so, CC’s spoken word group, SpeakEasy, is holding audition sign ups! Come see us in Worner during first week at lunchtime to receive a short application and a link to sign up for an audition! For any questions about the audition process, SpeakEasy in general, or to receive an application, please email j_nkhonjera@coloradocollege.edu or s_gray@coloradocollege.edu.

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Please join us for our first Kaffeestunde this year at the German House, Wednesday, Aug. 29, from 3:30-4:30pm! Get to know our new students, house residents, majors, minors, exchange students, faculty, staff, and other visitors. Catch up with old friends, check out the house, and learn about all the exciting events we have going on this year. There will be coffee and other refreshments, as well as all kinds of German pastries. Everyone is welcome! Bring a friend and hope to see you on Wednesday!

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For ANYBODY and EVERYBODY interested in ACTING the unmissable class this fall is: <><> TH205 ACTING WORKSHOP <><> It starts TUESDAY at 3pm and then meets every TUESDAY and THURSDAY 3-5pm thru the Fall Semester <><> An Adjunct/Extended format class for ONE WHOLE UNIT OF CREDIT <><> Ideal for everyone performing in any way – stage, film, dance, stand-up comedy, you name it – the perfect chance to seriously develop those skills and only 4 hours a week! <><> So SIGN UP NOW and/or ask me questions! <><>

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Monday, August 27, 11:30 – 2:00, Worner Fireside
Looking for a creative outlet at CC? The Music department offers private lessons on piano, guitar, voice, and all orchestral and band instruments as well as group piano, guitar, and voice. There are also a wide variety of student ensembles such as bluegrass, jazz, choir and gamelan. Come meet ensemble directors and music instructors on Monday at the Worner Fireside and find out how to sign up for lessons or participate in an ensemble.

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