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Friday, November 30

125 Packard

In AH275/HY200 Paris on a Precipice: Early Twentieth Century Challenges in Art and History

Professors Gale Murray and Tip Ragan

Paris, France

Next year, Gale Murray (Art History) and Tip Ragan (History) will offer a new course AH/HY200, Paris on a Precipice: Early Twentieth Century Challenges in Art and History, which will take place block one in Paris.

Course Description: This course will explore politics, cultural, and social history in Paris from 1900-1940. The radical years prior to the First World War, the apocalyptic war itself, the anxieties of the interwar years, and the impacts of ongoing industrialization, colonialism, and ideological positioning serve as the backdrop for the most important and shocking artistic and literary movements of the era. Using the city of Paris as our laboratory, we will study artistic movements, such as Fauvism, Cubism and Surrealism, novels by French and expatriate American novelists, avant-garde musical compositions, and experimental film. Visits to world-class museums, including the Orsay, the Centre Pompidou, the Musée Picasso, and the Fondation Le Corbusier, will prove central to this exciting intellectual odyssey.

Additional info on the 2019 class:

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The Art History offerings for Spring 2019 have been substantially revised. The two-block western surveys of Art History have been eliminated and new courses have been added. These changes do not appear in the printed course schedule, but are available in Banner. Please make a note of the following courses that do not appear in the printed schedule. See link below for course descriptions.

HALF BLOCK CLASS – AH200 Topics in Art History: From Shock Tactics to Social Action: Contemporary Art Since 1989, Jessica Hunter-Larsen

BLOCK 5 – AH200 Topics: Leonardo, Michelangelo & Raphael: A Renaissance of Ideas, Victoria Ehrlich

BLOCK 5 – AH241 Art and Revolution: Europe in the Nineteenth Century, Gale Murray

BLOCK 6 – AH115 The Western Tradition from Ancient to Early Renaissance, Victoria Ehrlich

BLOCK 7 – AH116 The Western Tradition from High Renaissance to Modern Times,
Gale Murray

Additional information and course descriptions can be found here:

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Interested in exploring multiple majors, but not sure where to start? Need assistance in declaring a major or finding the right faculty advisor? Curious about the changes to semester registration or how to allocate your 40 points? Stop by the Advising Hub! Our Advising and Fellowship Specialist Jennifer O’Bryant will be holding open walk-in hours from 1-3 p.m. every day this week to help answer your advising questions. Cookies and snacks will be provided – hope to see you there!

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Friday, Nov. 28, 12:15-1:30 p.m., Tutt Library 238
Are you hoping to study for a semester or year off-campus, but you’re not really sure how to pick a program and where to start? All students are invited to this lunchtime workshop with Heather Powell Browne that will help you get started on defining your academic goals, available program options, timing, credit transfer, and other important considerations for your global educational adventure! Pizza will be provided.

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Join the group of students trained to provide resources and information for fellow students regarding the Title IX process. START members are confidential and speak to peers regarding issues that include, but are not limited to, gender-based discrimination, rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, intimate partner violence, and stalking.

Applications are due Wednesday, December 12th and can be found at

Please email with any questions or contact the application committee:
Susanna Penfield
Elliott Williams
Miguel Mendez

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Interested in learning more about the state of detained immigrants in the United States? Want to advocate on the ground for their rights? Well, the CC students who worked with the Southern Poverty Law Center last summer to provide legal assistance to asylum-seekers in Georgia will be speaking TOMORROW at 12:15 PM in the Tutt Library Event Space. They will be presenting on their experiences and explaining how interested students can take part in this important work as well. Whether you are interested in participating in this program or simply want to hear firsthand perspectives on the immigration system over lunch, this is the talk for you! Hope to see you there!

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Job Talk – History Candidate – Nana Osei-Opare

“Becoming Ghanaian: Race and National Identity in Post-Colonial Ghana, 1957-1966”

Monday, December 3 – Palmer 223 – 3:00 – 4:00pm

On March 6, 1957, the West African country Ghana became the first sub-Saharan African colony to gain its independence from Britain. However, upon independence, what did it mean to be Ghanaian? A Ghanaian national identity had never existed before. British colonialism was the only unifying feature amongst a new country that had approximately a hundred different ethnic groups, with about 250 languages and dialects spoken. Using an array of archival sources from Ghana, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, this talk will argue that transnational and domestic acts of racism against Ghanaians helped forge a Ghanaian national identity.

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The college is proposing changes to the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy. The college invites the campus community to review the proposed changes and submit feedback. You can view the proposed changes and submit comments at
Comments and questions will be accepted through December 4, 2018.

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As the weather gets colder, it is especially important to have a CO2 detector!

If you are a student living in an off campus residence without a CO2 detector, they are available at the Campus Safety Office located at 833 N Tejon.

If you are in Campus Housing and do not have a CO2 detector, contact Residential Life Maintenance

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