Campus Safety highly recommends all students store their bikes in their rooms for block break to prevent them from being stolen.

On December 20th at 7 AM, Campus Safety will be removing bikes from campus bike racks that appear to be abandoned, such as bikes with flat tires, missing parts or left unlocked will be removed. Bike owners will have till January 19th to reclaim their bike, at that time all bikes will be donated. Campus Safety are putting orange tags on bikes that say “Abandoned Property” to specify which bikes that will be removed. To help prevent your bike from being taken, store your bike in your room or work area for the break. Any questions, contact Campus Safety.

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Next year’s CCLA study-abroad program will take place in the Fall. The application was just posted in Summit and we’ll have informational meetings in block 5.

Blocks 1&2 in Santiago, Chile
SP312 – Intensive writing and conversation on Latin American culture with a focus on Chile (taught in Spanish)
SP306/ SP307 – Critical literary analysis with a focus on Chile (taught in Spanish)

Blocks 3&4 in Buenos Aires, Argentina
SP304/ EC110 – Economics and immigration in Argentina (taught in Spanish and English)
SW250 – Southwest/Borderlands and Latin American Studies (taught in Spanish and English)

Minimum prerequisites: SP201 or placement into SP305. SP 304, 306, and 312 count for the language requirement.

Questions? Contact Prof. Marinescu, Program Director ( or David Eik, CCLA 2018 alum and student ambassador (

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You could still sign up! Do it Today!…Unlikely I know! But think about doing it during the Break:
HALF BLOCK TH200 Topics in Theatre: ACTING & DIRECTING FOR THE CAMERA. My most taught half block course – a crash practical course on all aspects of acting for the camera AND directing actors for the camera ><><><><><
BLOCK 5 TH304/DA304 Advanced Performance: TANZTHEATER. This will be the third time Patrizia Herminjard and I have taught this class. An introduction to the unique combination of theatre & dance as pioneered by Pina Bausch. Lots of background stuff, films etc but a focus on YOU creating pieces of DanceTheatre. The only theater and dance class in the theatre and dance department!

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Imagine spending block one in Paris next year!

In AH275/HY200 Paris on a Precipice: Early Twentieth Century Challenges in Art and History

Next year, Gale Murray (Art History) and Tip Ragan (History) will offer a new course AH275/HY200, Paris on a Precipice: Early Twentieth Century Challenges in Art and History, which will take place block one in Paris, France.

Course Description: This course will explore politics, cultural, and social history in Paris from 1900-1940. The radical years prior to the First World War, the apocalyptic war itself, the anxieties of the interwar years, and the impacts of ongoing industrialization, colonialism, and ideological positioning serve as the backdrop for the most important and shocking artistic and literary movements of the era. Using the city of Paris as our laboratory, we will study artistic movements, such as Fauvism, Cubism and Surrealism, novels by French and expatriate American novelists, avant-garde musical compositions, and experimental film. Visits to world-class museums, including the Orsay, the Centre Pompidou, the Musée Picasso, and the Fondation Le Corbusier, will prove central to this exciting intellectual odyssey.

The course counts toward the major and minor in Art or History. We have petitioned the faculty for social inequality (S) credit. It has no prerequisites, and knowledge of French is not necessary. The program is a lot of fun and a great opportunity for students who want a study abroad experience. We anticipate that it will fill up very quickly, so if you are interested, please contact us. We will be happy to provide you with further information and put you on our contact list.

A link to the application is included below. Interviews will take place in block 5. Applications for financial aid will go live on Summit around March 1st. Financial aid for abroad classes runs out quickly, so those who apply early are most likely to get it. Interested students should email Gale Murray ( or Tip Ragan ( for more information.

More info:


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