There is one opening available in this advanced topics study-abroad class that will be taught at the town of Noosa, located in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Australia. During this class students will be creating new original music inspired by the nature and sound, as well as the indigenous concepts of nomadic travel such as “Songline” and “Dreamtime.” Students will receive daily individual and group composition instructions which will result in a major new original chamber music work. Furthermore, the class will explore the issue of Cultural Appropriation and Misappropriation while trying to answer the following question: How can an artist be inspired by another cultural or musical treasure (often rare and sacred) without infringing on or disrespecting its rightful origins. We will discuss this complex and sensitive issue with native scholars, speakers, and local artists, and will create our own individual approach and solution to this question. A basic knowledge of music, artistic quest to create new music, and some experience with composition is required to qualify for this class. There is an additional study abroad fee of $2700 to cover room and board as well as field trips, speaker fees, and local cultural events. A round-trip travel expense is not included in the above fee and should be calculated separately. Prerequisites: MU301 Music Composition (or equivalent) and Consent of Instructor. Contact Professor Ofer Ben-Amots,, for more information.

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