All faculty, staff and students are invited to the following job talk for the faculty position in Global Cinema (Film and Media Studies):

Baran Germen (Ph.D. in Comparative Literature, University of Oregon)

3:30pm, Wednesday, February 6

Cornerstone Screening Room

Talk Title: “Vurun Kahpeye (1949) and Turkish Film History: Cinema and the Infrastructures of Secularism”

Adapted from a popular novel, the release of Vurun Kahpeye [Strike the Slut] (1949) was a momentous event in Turkish film history, for not only was it a phenomenal hit but it also sparked wide-ranging debates about the secular basis of cinema and its infrastructures in Turkey and the kinds of populations that cinema as both aesthetic object and industrial formation injured and excluded. I will revisit here the 1949 film’s reception and the debates it provoked in order to propose that Vurun Kahpeye (and its multiple remakes) alerts us to the critical role cinema played in mediating the project of secularism, strikingly without state ownership and sponsorship. Through a media survey of the Vurun Kahpeye’s social life, this talk locates 1949 as marking the moment of cinema’s formation as a modern mass medium that assembles a secular infrastructure and public. I demonstrate that the history around the film plays out its narrative of national genesis in which the religiously marked body is deemed improper, unworthy, and obsolete with respect to the nation-state.

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